Enchanted by the crickets' chirps, soaked in the sun and the scent of Mediterranean pines, sage and rosemary, the island of Brac seems like a big green boat rocking on the waves of the Adriatic Sea, facing Split, the largest city in Dalmatia.

Located in the close vicinity of two monuments included in the World Heritage List under the protection of UNESCO, and connected with the mainland and the rest of the world exceptionally well (international airport on the island!), the largest island of Dalmatia is a true oasis of undisturbed nature, authentic architecture and glorious serenity found only in some past and long forgotten times.

Forget busyness! Time here is measured by the movement of shadows and objects in the sky and the strokes of bells in old campaniles celebrate life in the rhythm of nature. Restore wisdom to your body and ease it into your mind! Brac has always been a refuge for all those in search of beauty and peace, beginning with the residents of ancient Salona, through to the noblemen of Split, to modern nomads in search of genuine values.