Beaches in Supetar and other settlements on Brac


Beaches on the island are known for its crystal clear sea. And Supetar is characteristic because the beaches are located in the settlement which means you can peacefully park your car in front of your apartment and after a short period of walking reach the nearest beach. All the beaches in Supetar have pine shade so you will have somewhere to hide if you get tired of the sun. Every beach also has caffes for refreshing and restaurants are also in the vicinity. Beaches are mostly gravely and suitable for children. The central beaches are Banj, Tri mosta and Vela Luka.

Banj is a combination of gravel and concrete while the entrance to the sea is covered with sand. It is located in a small cove and it is completely sheltered from winds. This beach is ideal for children.

Tri mosta beach – is located under a hotel resort, it is covered with gravel and has all additional contents needed. You can rent out pedal boats, kayaks, jet ski scooters, boats and gliders.


Vela Luka – is also located in a big cove which is mostly shallow water with sandy seabed and thus ideal for families with children.


East from Supetar are the gravely beaches Akapulko and Vrilo.

In Mirca there is another gravely beach Gumonca – with a small pier on which fishing boats dock which gives this beach a special charm. There is a cafe bar and a restaurant next to the beach.

In Sutivan beaches are similar as those in Supetar. They are located in the settlement; all are gravely and have all additional contents.


Bobovisca is located in a big cove so the whole settlement is essentially a beach. Its coast is a combination of concrete and gravely parts. As the cove ends the beach becomes rocky.

Milna is known for wonderful coves Osibova, Duboka and Makarac that are all located on the west from the settlement. The coves are known for the sea colour that reflects the surrounding pine forest and many guests come every year to visit. The settlement also has a city beach which is a combination of gravel and concrete and has catering facilities.


In Splitska resort beaches are rocky (skrape) and there is one small concrete beach in the centre of settlement. If you wish to swim on a gravely beach we recommend Zatup which is approx. 1km away from the centre.

In Postira the main beach is Mala Lozna, a gravely beach with a cafe bar in the vicinity and is located on the east of the settlement. In the centre there is a smaller gravely beach called Zalo and on the west lies the cove Prvlja where numerous swimmers enjoy the sand that covers the coves bottom.

Famous beaches on the northern side of the island (turned towards Split) that are not in any settlement are Babin Laz and Lovrecina. The first one is a gravely beach about 1,5km away from Supetar while the latter is 3km away from Postira. You can reach Lovrecina by driving down the road towards Pucisce. It is a big gravely beach with addendums.